Small bins for small yards

Two Mistakes People With Small Outdoor Spaces Make When Renting Skip Bins

Here are the two mistakes people with small outdoor spaces make when they rent skip bins. They don't enquire about the bin hire company's bin shapes The main mistake people make in this situation is not finding out if the local bin hire business has skip bins with less typical shapes available. They usually make this error because they assume that all skip bins have the same low walls and long rectangular shape. Read More 

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Small bins for small yards

We have a very small courtyard, and I don't want the space all taken up by big garbage bins. I am looking at different options of small garbage bins that can fit in small courtyards and are effective about keeping the odour contained. There are some really cool designs on the market which make the most of a narrow gap, including tall and thin bins and short and wide bins. There is something for anyone. This site has some links and articles about the cool types of garbage bins you can buy, and some reviews of different types and brands.