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Two Mistakes People With Small Outdoor Spaces Make When Renting Skip Bins

Here are the two mistakes people with small outdoor spaces make when they rent skip bins.

They don't enquire about the bin hire company's bin shapes

The main mistake people make in this situation is not finding out if the local bin hire business has skip bins with less typical shapes available. They usually make this error because they assume that all skip bins have the same low walls and long rectangular shape. This can lead to them ordering a low, wide bin that uses up almost all of their limited outdoor ground space but which doesn't hold a fraction of the refuse they need it to.  

In reality, many bin hire companies have skip bins with less conventional shapes that are suitable for customers with small outdoor spaces. For example, some bin rental businesses have skips that have much taller walls than a typical skip but have smaller-than-average floors. Due to its small floor, this type of bin will easily fit into a compact outdoor area but, because of its high walls, it will be able to hold plenty of refuse. As such, it would be ideal for someone who's doing a huge decluttering or renovation project but whose outdoor space is very small.

They don't find an alternative parking space for their vehicle before the bin arrives

The other blunder people make is leaving their vehicle on their property whilst they're renting this bin. This can lead to quite a few issues. For instance, if the bin and the vehicle are both in the same small outdoor area, the presence of the vehicle might make it hard for the property owner to get to the bin without spilling rubbish on their vehicle or having to lift the rubbish over their head whilst squeezing past it.

Additionally, unless this person orders a mobile skip bin, they'll be unable to adjust the position the delivery driver leaves it in if, after it's been dropped off,  they realise that their car doesn't fit in their outdoor space when the bin is in the middle of it. This might result in them having to pick a parking space that's unsafe or inconvenient because they didn't anticipate this problem and had to pick the closest available spot.

It would be better in this situation for the person to spend rent a parking space (or search for a suitable free one) that is safe and close to their home a day or so before their bin is going to be delivered and to leave the vehicle there until the bin is taken away.

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