Small bins for small yards

Tips For Using a Skip Bin For Yard Waste

If you are doing some major yardwork soon, you might not have enough room in your regular trash can or small yard waste bin for all the weeds, leaves, and branches. In this case, you should consider renting a skip bin. This type of bin is delivered to your home and provides ample room for all of your waste. Here are some tips for using a skip bin when it is being used for yard waste.

Get the Right Size

To start with, you need to make sure you are renting the right size. Even with yard waste skip bins, there are multiple sizes to choose from. Some bins are smaller and meant for work like grass clippings, trimming bushes, and doing basic gardening. Others are on the larger size and meant for large branches and trees if you are cutting them down or when you are removing all of your lawn to lay down rock or artificial turf. If you get a bin that is too small, you might end up having to pay more to have it picked up and dropped off more than once, so get one a little bigger than what you think you will need.

Know What Goes in the Yard Waste Bin

When the skip bin is dropped off, you will also need to know exactly what type of yard waste can be put inside. You should not use it as a trash can or a recycle bin, as it is neither. This is only for yard waste, so if you are also doing home remodeling, you will need to have two separate bins. Yard waste skip bins can be used for all of your grass clippings and full pieces of lawn, leaves, branches, and plants. You can also remove things such as full flower bushes and ivy plants and place them in the skip bin.

Keep Certain Items Out of the Bin

Also be aware of the items that should not go in the yard waste bin. If you put the wrong items in, the skip bin company has to separate the materials, and you might end up paying an extra fee. Don't put any hardscaping items in this bin, including concrete and paving stones, or rocks. No sand or dirt should go in the yard waste bin, as well as not any compost that includes food or regular trash items. The yard waste bin is going directly to a compost site, so it should only have regular yard waste compost items.

Keep in mind if you are using a large bin and it needs to be kept on the street in front of your house, you may need to get a permit.

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Small bins for small yards

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