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6 Neighborly Ways to Rid Yourself and Your Community of Unwanted Furniture

Australians throw away a lot of furniture. In fact, according to EC Sustainable, each Australian household throws out about 24 kg of wooden furniture annually. One of the problems with so much furniture being thrown away is that councils can't keep up. People then take matters into their own hands, illegally dumping their rubbish and old furniture in places they shouldn't.

It doesn't have to be that way. There are many community-friendly ways to dispose of your unwanted furniture that don't involve illegal dumping. 

Hire a Communal Skip Bin

On your own, a skip bin hire can prove expensive. However, if you only have one or two items to throw out, why not ask your neighbors if they too have old furniture or white goods they no longer want? If you invest in a skip bin as a street or community, you'll save money and have an economical way of getting rid of unwanted furniture. 

Arrange a Swap with Your Neighbors

If you have just bought a new table or cabinet and don't need the old one, ask your neighbors if they'd like to swap it for something of theirs. 

Leave Furniture in Front of Your Home with a "Free" Sign

Everyone loves free stuff, especially when it's a piece of furniture that they could either use or make money from. Put your furniture outside your house with a sign to tell people it's free, and as long as it's not completely wrecked it could well be gone within an hour or two. 

Call Your Local Council for a Free Pickup

You can contact your local council for a free pickup. Ask those in your street if they have any furniture or even white goods to throw away, and then call your local council to schedule a free pickup day.

Create a Community Facebook Page

Build a Facebook page where you and your neighbors can offer unwanted furniture and other things to the community. What you class as junk could be useful to someone else.

Group Charity Donation

Charity shops and organisations are always on the look out for more furniture. If that tatty armchair in the corner is about to be replaced with a new one, call around and ask your neighbors if they too have some old furniture they would like to get rid of. Some charities will come to your neighborhood and pick up any furniture you and your neighbors no longer want. 

Community-friendly measures like these might take a while to gain a foothold in your street and area, but once they do you'll see a dramatic decrease in illegal dumping and your community will be more tightly knit as a result.

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Small bins for small yards

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