Small bins for small yards

Skip bins for electrical waste: How do they work?

With the rapid evolution of technology, Australians are finding old electronic items accumulating in their homes at a fast rate. Old TVs, kitchen appliances and office equipment tend to consume a lot of room in homes and offices, making property owners feel as if they don't have enough space to operate. Luckily, skip bin services are now incorporating skips that you can hire for disposing of your electrical waste. It is important to note that e-waste is not the same as many other items that can be simply dumped in a landfill. Read More 

Five Signs You Should Hire a Mini Skip for Your Project

Mini skips are canvas skips that are much smaller than their traditionally metal counterparts. While mini skips are not right for every project, they are absolutely perfect in many cases. Wondering if you need a mini skip for your project? Here are some signs that the answer is "yes": 1. You need to work inside. In most cases, if you need to do a project inside, you won't be able to fit a full-sized skip through the door. Read More 

Tips For Using a Skip Bin For Yard Waste

If you are doing some major yardwork soon, you might not have enough room in your regular trash can or small yard waste bin for all the weeds, leaves, and branches. In this case, you should consider renting a skip bin. This type of bin is delivered to your home and provides ample room for all of your waste. Here are some tips for using a skip bin when it is being used for yard waste. Read More 

6 Neighborly Ways to Rid Yourself and Your Community of Unwanted Furniture

Australians throw away a lot of furniture. In fact, according to EC Sustainable, each Australian household throws out about 24 kg of wooden furniture annually. One of the problems with so much furniture being thrown away is that councils can't keep up. People then take matters into their own hands, illegally dumping their rubbish and old furniture in places they shouldn't. It doesn't have to be that way. There are many community-friendly ways to dispose of your unwanted furniture that don't involve illegal dumping. Read More 

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Small bins for small yards

We have a very small courtyard, and I don't want the space all taken up by big garbage bins. I am looking at different options of small garbage bins that can fit in small courtyards and are effective about keeping the odour contained. There are some really cool designs on the market which make the most of a narrow gap, including tall and thin bins and short and wide bins. There is something for anyone. This site has some links and articles about the cool types of garbage bins you can buy, and some reviews of different types and brands.